Mobile Development

How does it work?

When building a mobile application, Real Solutions assembles a team that takes a holistic approach based on your specific needs. Our team of designers and developers have the experience to deliver the results you need. Here’s how it works:

DiscoveryDiscovery ranges from a quick assessment of project opportunities and measures of success to deep, contextual research into a client’s culture, market, customers and competition.

Design & DevelopmentHarnessing the creative energy of our talented team, we use powerful ideas and inventive thinking to solve problems visually and technologically.

Evaluate: We collaborate with clients through an organized, structured feedback process that allows us to refine our work and evaluate it against project goals.

What do you get?

Planning/Requirements Gathering

Every project starts with listening to our client, recording requirements, and planning out the scope of the project.

Wireframing and design

We will work with you to wireframe out all of the screens in scope for the project. After wire framing our designers will come up with a tailored design for you project.


Our developers will build out your application based on the technical specification from requirement gathering. We work closing with you to ensure the necessary functionality is in place.


All of our developmental projects are put through a full schedule of testing. We work closely with you to validate the functionality and business cases you set have been met.

Great Customer Service

We take our job serious, so we work to ensure our clients maintain a good experience through all of our interactions. Understanding that we can always make improvements we make it a point to listen first and talk after.

Quality Results

At the end of the day results are one of the most important aspects in any job. We always go the extra mile to ensure our deliverable is the best quality we can offer.

Why choose us?

24/7 Support Plans

Understanding development does not stop after the first release we offer support plans with discounted hours at a set rate. 

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We Develop iOS and Android apps

We are able to build out to iOS and Android. In addition we are able to push out to both on the first release.

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We work with your business

While others work to just deliver a product we concentrate on building a solution that makes sense for you business. 

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The future of mobile applications

Platforms we support


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