Enterprise Configuration & Change Management

Enterprise Configuration & Change Management

Real Solutions is committed to providing your company with Change/Configuration Management. We offer consulting throughout the United States and even abroad. The essential part of any IT system, is merely the management of security features and assurances through the control of changes.

Changes to hardware, software, firmware, documentation, test, test fixtures, and documentation of an automated information system throughout the development and operational life of a system are all aspects to Real Solutions Configuration Management. 

After we establish a configuration baseline our team of professionals evaluate and approving changes that were made to the configuration and the interrelationships among system components.

What do you get?

Software Configuration Management

Our SCM practices include revision control and the establishment of baselines.

  • Configuration identification
  • Configuration status accounting
  • Configuration auditing

Our consultants will work with your team to prepare release documentation, schedule deployment dates, and provided status updates for releases. Ensuring everyone is one the same page.

Version Control

As your team designs, develops and deploys software our consultant will implement practices that track and provide control over changes to source code.

Release Management

We manage, plan, schedule and control software builds through the project life cycle and environments; including testing and deploying software releases.

Great Customer Service

We take our job serious, so we work to ensure our clients maintain a good experience through all of our interactions. Understanding that we can always make improvements we make it a point to listen first and talk after.

Quality Results

At the end of the day results are one of the most important aspects in any job. We always go the extra mile to ensure our deliverable is the best quality we can offer.

why choose us


Our consultants posses a wealth of knowledge and experience concerning configuration and change management by working with fortune 500 companies as well as mid-size and small business.

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Leadership & Teamwork

Our consultants lead by example while working closely with your team mentoring about best practices, promoting collaboration and effective communication.

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We understand  professionalism is a important quality all consultants must posses to maintain healthy client relationships. Our recruitment process ensures first class resources are assigned to your project.

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What is Configuration Management?

CM Resources we currently offer

Senior Configuration Manager

Our consultant will provide CM guidance for the projects/systems and work directly with IT project managers toward continued process improvement.

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