Money Making Websites for Small Businesses (repost)



Nowadays it is completely different. Your website should be the driver of revenue. The main driver in fact. It is estimated that more than 50% of all purchases are started by online search.

Mo’ traffic mo’ problems

I recently got a client to the top of Google for about 4-5 keywords that really matter to his business. His traffic jumped by 83% in just 3 months, but he didn’t receive any additional business because of it.

I then have another client. He wasn’t ranking for anything in Google. I redesigned his website and his phone now doesn’t stop ringing. He went from selling two homes a year, to an estimated 12 (he closed 3 just this week). He attributes 90% of the sales to the website. (Feel free to contact me to verify what I am saying).

So what happened? How come the guy with 83% more traffic, sitting at the top of Google, makes nothing, but the guy who isn’t is ranking at the top sees a 500% increase in business? By the way – both are home builders.

The answer lies within websites for small businesses. They ARE your product online and you need to approach it with the same quality you would your actual business. Just by pushing more traffic to it, doesn’t mean you are going to be getting more calls. What if your website is inefficient? I have seen 8 fold increases in lead generation within days of making a website more efficient. That’s the equivalent of your marketing budget increasing by a factor of 8. Think about it. If you are spending $1,000 per month and you acquire 1 lead per day, you would need $8,000/m to acquire 8 leads per day. By redesigning the website to be more efficient, you have in effect, increased your marketing power by 8.

Small Businesses Rejoice

website next to each other

The reason I keep mentioning websites for ‘small businesses’, is because it is incredibly effective for, you guessed it, small businesses. The little guys are usually the ones who have no guidance whatsoever. Big companies pay consultants millions to advise them on how they can improve the value that is derived from their websites. You, and most of your competitors, have no idea nor the time to find out that your website is under performing  Instead you will most likely just spend your entire budget on generating more traffic.

That’s the same as sending people to a derelict building to sell them something. They won’t be impressed and they won’t buy anything.

“But my cousin says my website looks good.” Well I guess your cousin is a multi millionaire who made all his money from online sales. Unlikely. Websites for small businesses have to follow a certain structure. Sure, you can implement growth hacking, and analyse heat maps, but that is expensive and hard to do. The most cost effective method of generating more revenue for your business is to follow this simple formula.

  1. Tell them what they want to hear and show them that you are amazing.
  2. Show them proof that you are amazing.
  3. Close the lead or the sale.

Your website, pretty much, needs nothing more than those three simple steps. Design and credibility does come into play, but at the end of the day this is what it boils down to.


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